Pool Master Water Stabilizer 4KG


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Water Stabilizer refers to cyanuric acid and it’s presence in swimming pool water. Stabilizer is measure in parts per million (ppm) and the desired range is 30 – 80ppm. As chlorine breaks down quite rapidly in sunlight Stabilizer is used to protect chlorine against UV degradation, making the chlorine last longer in the water.

Maintaining a proper level of Stabilizer saves money in chlorine and is part of a goood overall water balance.
Note that some types of chlorine such as Super Chlor and Tri-Chlor already contain stabilizer and the constant use of these products will increase your stabilizer level too high.


Dose Rate: Add at a rate of 370 grams per 10,000L for an increase of 10ppm. Stabilizer is very slow disolving. Add it to a skimmer sock or old stockings and tie it to the swimming pool ladder.
Active Constituent: Cyanuric Acid