Incon Swim Pant – Adult XX Large


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Recommended for adults with an approximate waist measurement of 130cm.

The Incon Swim Pant offers protection from both urinary and faecal incontinence while in the water.

These re-uasable pants are light weight and water proof, with the shell & lining made from 100% polyester fabric & manufactured with a 100% PVC inner lining. The inner lining feels comfortable and is stain resistant.

The Incon Swim Pant can be worn alone or underneath swimwear. The elasticised legs and waist must fit securely on the body for the pants to work effectively. Should there be a small gap, an extra seam can be sewn into the pant with a domestic sewing machine.

The elasticised legs and waist together with the lining secure all waste and so allow the wearer to swim confidently and freely while in the pool.

After use:
1. Rinse well
2. Warm machine wash using an anti-bacterial solution e.g Napisan
3. Line dry