Product Overview

Swimjoy swimming pool products have been seen in and around New Zealand pools for over 35 years.
We offer a full range of swimming pool products for commercial and competitive pool environments and for the home pool owner as well. Our products are designed to keep your pool safe and hygienic, or simply, to make it more fun in and out of the water!
We offer the following range of quality products for pool owners and operators:
  • Aquacise
    water joggers
  • Aqua fun
    range of aquatic fun products, suitable for commercial and domestic use
  • Coaching aids
    teaching aids and floats
  • Equal access
    wheelchair-to-pool access options
  • Hydrotherapy
    tools for therapeutic programmes
  • Lifesaving
    safety and rescue gear
  • Pool hygiene
    maintenance equipment and chemicals for domestic and commercial pools
  • Poolside
    range of equipment to outfit your facility
  • Swimwear
    men's, women's and childrens' swimwear, children's rash suits
  • Water sports
    equipment for water sport in the pool